About us

About us

Oy Helsinki Chartering Ab is a privately owned brokering company
founded in 1986 and is a member of BIMCO and Finnish Shipbrokers
Association. Our main activity is dry cargo chartering in all vessel
types and sizes.

Shipping industry is increasingly competitive and volatile wherefore
it is important to serve our customers with profound and up to date
information of shipping affairs in general but with emphasis on
chartering agreements on spot and COA basis. In addition to daily
execution of shipping affairs, we are supporting our customers with
valuation of future market developments as well as developing future
shipping concepts.

Our experienced and well trained staff is able to develop and create
solid shipping agreements and contracts combined with high ethics and
friendly customer service to our customers satisfaction.

Your preferred shipbroker.



We take pride in an active approach of brokering and also by advising
our principals of any matters effecting their trades, whether being
freight market related or a matter related to legislation affecting
shipping industry. Constantly increasing new rules and regulations set
by EU, IMO and local authorities have an impact on all sea borne trades
wherefore it is important to be able to guide our principals of issues
which may affect their businesses both on short and long term.

Chartering solutions are provided through a system of single voyage
charter, trip time charter agreements, period charter agreements and
contract of affreightment. Traditional negotiation skills are combined
with market knowledge and analyses giving clients the opportunity to
benefit from an all inclusive broking service. We are also acting as
panel and exclusive brokers for various clients on short sea and
overseas market.

Trading areas

Trading areas

Thanks to our geographical location, trading in ice with commercial and
physical matters related there to is one of our strong fields. In
addition to our natural geographical area, we are actively involved in
chartering matters also in all important and traditional trading areas
such as the Continent, Mediterranean, Atlantic, USA and Canada including
Great Lakes, and Far East

Our Team


Jari Järvi

Managing Director

+358 40 5213122
Lennart Meyer

Senior Broker

+358 40 7036115
Fred Heino

Senior Broker

+358 40 7777928
Benjamin Andersson


+358 50 3803858
Christoffer Schauman


+358 41 4441047
Mikael Vuontela


+358 40 8273599


Christine Serén

Financial Manager

+358 400 699300
Charlotta Lobbas

Accounting Specialist

+358 50 339668
Helena Zilliacus

Junior Accountant

+358 44 7431062

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